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Forging New Narratives in The Calumet Region. 

A rigorous hands-on trade education, fueled with the creative inquiry of the liberal arts, and the critical analysis of STEM .

Combining Stem, The Arts, Entrepreneurship & Media Literacy Since 2019

The complexities of today’s world require all people to be equipped with a new set of core knowledge and skills to solve difficult problems, gather and evaluate evidence, and make sense of information they receive from varied print and, increasingly, digital media. The learning and doing of STEM helps develop these skills and prepare students for a workforce where success results not just from what one knows, but what one is able to do with that knowledge.

However, as Aristotle suggested, an education of the mind will do very little without first and foremost an education of the heart.  At Rustedblue we are concerned with educating the whole person by sparking inquiry through the humanities and developing awareness for the local through ethical media making.  


Our World View

The entertainment and infotainment industry shape or culture and the development of societal norms, but it does not accurately reflect the diversity of our society. Nor does it creatively approach social relations outside of predictable American troupes, codes, and conventions.   Although Hollywood has taken strides for the inclusion of Marginal Voices in entertainment properties, there are vast underserved populations that have poor access to technology, or altogether media illiterate. We harness technology not as a toy of consumption, but rather a TOOL OF LIBERATION. 

Our Mission

To close the Achievement Gap, our curriculum is aligned with English, NEA, STEM, MLE, and NCCA Standards. Every student, no matter his or her academic background, writes from experience, learns the value of their voice and promotes their ideas, verbally and in writing. Our young filmmakers and graphic designers learn graduate-level concepts and decide how to apply them to their films, while collaborating and problem solving with their peers. Rustedblue is not a classroom exercise in which students pretend to be media producers. Every Rustedblue student is a filmmaker, activist, and digital media maker who is shaping their community with artistic voice, technical skill, and civility.  

Our instructors are industry certified.

Watch Rustedblue’s Professor Ty deliver a TED Talk discussing the roles that media literacy, creative play, and social practice have in building a civil society. 


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